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Company mission
Uscom has a mission to demonstrate leadership in science and create non-invasive devices that guide clinicians to improved clinical care and patient outcomes. Uscom is an emerging global leader in non-invasive cardiovascular and pulmonary medical devices, developing innovative technologies to solve the challenges of global disease and health care.

Uscom is driven by a commercial ambition to lead global health innovations and grow shareholder wealth.

Business Overview
The company was founded in 2000 on translational cardiovascular research by Associate Professor Rob Phillips at the University of Queensland. The USCOM 1A was the original device developed and taken to market in 2006, and continues as the cornerstone product of the company. Uscom has sold over 1000 1A units into leading hospitals and clinics worldwide.

Uscom has an aggressive global growth strategy Uscom which has resulted in the acquisition of practice changing and complimentary non-invasive cardiovascular and pulmonary technologies. Uscom acquired Pulsecor Limited in 2013, and Thor Laboratories in 2015.

Uscom are the experts in circulation delivering innovative, practice changing non-invasive cardiovascular and pulmonary monitoring devices. Uscom markets the USCOM 1A advanced hemodynamic monitor, the BP+ and BP+ Reporter, and SpiroSonic digital ultrasonic spirometer series and the proprietary SpiroReporter software. These devices are changing the way cardiovascular and pulmonary medicine is practiced.

Uscom has abundant IP and a strong product pipeline projecting well into the next 10 years. We are looking forward to working with our current key opinion leaders and those that join us to deliver the clinical innovations we are currently working on to patients worldwide. Clinical benefit is the foundation of the value of Uscom and we pride ourselves in creating devices which genuinely contribute to improved care.

For Uscom it is an exciting time as our clinical and commercial value is increasingly being recognised worldwide.

We are proud of the achievements we have delivered to health care over the last 10 years, and we are looking forward to the innovations which we are continuing to develop for delivery over the next 10 years. For Uscom medical innovation is our business, and it is an extremely exciting time and the opportunities are great.

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